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Getting support:

Overthrow Discord #support channel - There are plenty of other players to provide assistance and advice. Developers too!

When posting in #support, it helps to let us know:

  • Which mods you are running. You should try with ALL mods off (apart from Overthrow, ACE, CBA) before contacting us, if possible.
  • Have you changed your mod-selection on the server? You need to start a new game every time you do this to avoid errors.
  • Whether you are in single-player, on a dedicated or a local server
  • The steps to reproduce the issue if possible.
  • As much applicable information as possible. What you were doing at the time, which particular objective/town etc

Be as specific as possible regarding any and all relevant details! Please also advise if you have you tinkered with any of the Overthrow mission files.

The stickied posts also have up-to date info (e.g. known issues, fixes etc)

Frequently asked questions

How do I access my Arma 3 log files? aka What's a .rpt?

To investigate issues, we may ask to see your server AND client log files (or RPT)

  • These can be found %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3 (e.g. c:\users\overthrow\AppData\Local\Arma 3)
  • The file names look similar to "arma3_2016-12-007_19-52-10.rpt", which contains the reverse date and 24 hour time.
  • You can upload these in Discord chat when explaining your issue
  • Your server log files are most likely in your profiles directory on the server (ie /A3DS/Profiles)

<X> mod won't work, halp

Overthrow is unique amongst Arma missions and mods, and pushes the boundaries of what the game engine can do. In most cases, if a mod doesn't just "work" then it will not be a simple fix. We are working to make OT as mod friendly as possible, but cannot control how other mods are coded. Improved support for weapon and vehicle mods is in the works, but this requires extensive work within the Overthrow UI (e.g. we need dialog boxes to accommodate players who have 2000 AK-47 variants to choose from).

Mods that don't work at the moment and are not supported:

  • TFAR (will not work in advanced mode)
  • Arma Enhanced Movement

Mods that partially work but are not supported:

  • Advanced High Command
  • ACRE (in testing)
  • CUP
  • RHS
  • SMA
  • Advanced Slingloading, Urban Rappelling

Persistent saves will fail and other issues will arise where mods are changed within a single OT game. If you want to change mods, you need to start a mission again from scratch.

How do I enable Zeus?

Zeus is already enabled in overthrow. Simply execute this code locally: "zeus_guy = player" (and rebind the Y key) We do not put overthrow units into Zeus for performance reasons, so it's only useful if you want to create units.

How do I properly restore from a save game?

We do not recommend loading Arma savegames at all. Upon starting your server, use the "restart" option in Arma rather than "resume" and then press "load persistent save" at the prompt.