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A QRF (or Quick Response Force) is issued by NATO in various situations and puts the location's ownership in question until the battle is decided. To trigger a QRF depends on the situation, but generally removing all military personnel will do it.

Once deployed, a task will appear for all players directing them to the location and a timer begins the first phase of the QRF.

Phase 1: Preparation

Five minutes (real world time) will pass for preparation and so NATO can get forces into the area.

Phase 2: Hold

Every 5 seconds points will be allocated to either side within 100m of the location. The more soldiers in the circle, the more points are allocated. On your map you will see a colored circle start to appear representing the winning side. Blue = NATO. Green = Resistance.

The amount of points required to "win" depends on the type of objective. For a town, higher populations require more points. Objectives depend on the importance of that Objective, eg the Chemical Plant requires more points than the fuel depot. Airfields generally require the most points.