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Say 'yes' to the tutorial to get some further background and direction for where to go. Take your time with this tutorial as sometimes it takes a few tries of the prompted action to get it to advance.

TIP: Each option for the gun dealer gives you a different set of items. Try them out!

Put on some appropriate music

Try our YouTube playlist


The game begins with a relatively stable Tanoa, and the magic happens when there is instability, especially when there is a gradient between different regions allowing you to take advantage of the basic concepts. Therefore you need to cut stability. There are plenty of ways you can do this, don't follow this guide in order just use it to give you some ideas of what YOU might have fun doing.

Getting around

Cars can be purchased from most fuel stations and other workshops. There are also plenty just laying around on the side of the road that can be used if you don't care about stealing someone else's wheels. (Though be warned! The locals don't often take kindly to someone jacking their ride!)

You can also utilize the Fast Travel system to effortlessly move between your built structures, purchased homes, or conquered locations.


Find any towns with less than 50% stability using your map. You can be assured that there are criminals in these towns, already or there will be soon. Go there and 'PLACE' a camp nearby and wait for the fireworks to begin. After shootouts between NATO and gangs there will be plenty of items just laying around for you to pick up and take to the closest store for sale, while also building your own armory which might come in handy later. Depending on the state of the town garrison (and pure luck) the stability in this town may also drop, opening up further opportunity.

Also look for any wrecked vehicles and Salvage them


Stability and your standing affects local prices, as well as the population of the town. Buy where stability, population and your standing is high, sell where stability/population is low and your standing is high/neutral. Most (but not all) shops in Tanoa are open 24/7 and have an inventory they will keep track of. Trade does not affect stability but buying legal items does have a slight positive effect on standing.

Upgrading your Trade perk can give you lower buy prices when Import Export and increase trade profits.

Deal drugs

Black market dealers will sell you various drugs that can be sold to civilians by approaching them and asking but be careful, if NATO see you or find any using their "stop and search" powers they will confiscate it and you will forfeit any funds used to acquire them. If criminals see you dealing to civilians they will just open fire, as you are dealing on their turf.

Buy prices will be low in small towns, and sell prices highest in larger ones.

Criminals will also buy drugs off you in bulk at a lower rate, just remember to approach them without any weapons drawn.

Radio towers

Every major island has at least one broadcast tower that NATO uses to broadcast Fox News 24 hrs a day. Capturing these towers will drop stability for all towns in range as we use them to broadcast roots reggae music and show people what's really happening in Tanoa and the world.

Cause mayhem

The brute force method is to simply kill the NATO Gendarmerie forces and attempt to capture the many NATO bases around Tanoa, but it won't be easy because Babylon's too tough.