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Setting up a dev environment

  1. Install and setup Arma 3 Tools:
  2. Clone the DEV branch from github using your favourite git client
  3. Make a new folder anywhere on your harddrive and call it @Overthrow, add a subfolder called "addons"
  4. Open the "Addon Builder" and configure thus:
    1. Addon Source Directory: <Your checkout location>\addons\overthrow_main\
    2. Destination Directory or filename: <Location from step 3>\@Overthrow\addons\
  5. Click the "Options" button and configure:
    1. List of files to copy directly: *.pac;*.paa;*.rtm;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;*.ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.bisurf;*.sqm;*.ext;*.dbf;*.prj;*.shx;*.shp,*.jpg,*.hpp,*.png,*.cpp
    2. AddonPrefix: ot
    3. Everything else leave as default
  6. Copy the mod.cpp and logo_overthrow.paa from checkout location to @Overthrow
  7. Open your Arma 3 Launcher, click "+ Local Mod" and navigate to your @Overthrow folder
  8. Load the local mod and make sure to unload any other versions of Overthrow including the Steam one