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Main article: Stability

Each town in Tanoa has a stability rating that affects local prices and the garrison strength of the town. NATO will decide to abandon a town if it drops too low and they are unable to establish order. When stability is low, criminal elements will move in and attempt to destabilize the town further and keep it unstable for their nefarious deeds.

Stability in a town will drop quickly if NATO soldiers are dying there. Civilian deaths will also hurt stability but nowhere near as much.

Each island also has at least one broadcast tower marked on the map, if NATO does not control this tower stability will drop in all towns within broadcast range.


Main article: Wanted

Being Wanted is a core state in the game of either being actively seen and hunted by an opposing force, cooling down from that state, or not being in that state. The status is represented by the Wanted UI on the right and represents your current state of being Wanted, how long until you are no longer wanted, and by whom you are wanted.


Main article: Money

Making money can be done many ways. Stores are marked with a ($) on the map when you zoom into a town and will contain a shopkeeper that will buy legal items from you (radios, rangefinders, watches etc) as well as sell them back to you at a highly inflated cost.

If you can get to one of the two major ports in Tanoa (Lijnhaven or Blue-Pearl) you can drive up to the marked building, press 'Y' and export the contents of your vehicle. If the resistance controls the port you can also export illegal items such as weapons and ammunition.

Upgrading your Trade perk in the character sheet will get you cheaper buy prices.

Black market dealers can be found in most towns but might not be easy to track down if there are a lot of houses, just ask shopkeepers about them or go to door to door looking for a man dressed in camo. Boats can be purchased at some jetties. Residential houses and apartments can be purchased and leased for passive income.

In Multiplayer, a small amount of your money will be lost on death. In your starting home is a safe that you can use to safely store money. Also in multiplayer is a separate account for Resistance Funds


Main article: Recruits

Walking up to a civilian, pressing 'Y' and choosing 'Talk' will allow you to recruit that civilian for between $200 and $400 depending on your standing and the town. Once recruited you can command the AI by selecting them with F2, F3 etc and using standard Arma AI commands.

Special Overthrow commands (such as the ever-useful Loot command, and inventory management) can be accessed by pressing 'Y' with the unit selected.

Building a Barracks at captured objectives allows you to recruit entire equipped squads into your High Command bar. When recruiting squads at a barracks there is a base fixed cost PLUS a variable cost of kitting them out. If you have looted up a stockpile of weapons, gear, and ammo in your warehouse the barracks system will draw from those first (cheap) or else it will purchase their weapons on the black market for you (expensive). Building a revolutionary army requires logistics, too!

Controlling your recruits is done via the default Arma 3 AI commands, check out this great guide by Jester814 for more info:


Main article: Standing

Each player has a local standing that affects prices in that town as well as your fame/infamy amongst NATO, criminals and civilians. Your standing will drop severely if you kill civilians. Standing can be gained by neutralizing criminals or completing missions that help the town. Your 'global standing' is a sum of your standing in all towns across the country and does have an effect as well.


Main article: Influence

You earn influence every 10 minutes, and will earn more according to how many towns, radio towers and objectives the resistance controls. You will also receive an injection of influence when any of the above are captured. Influence can be spent on perks that improve your character.

Real Estate

Main article: Real Estate

Most residential buildings can be purchased and used as fast travel points for yourself, or leased out for passive income. Rents will be much lower in towns that NATO controls or where stability and/or population is low. A mansion in a stable, resistance-controlled Georgetown will fetch the highest rent whereas a shack in unstable Namuvaka won't get you much.


Main article: Placing Items

In your main menu under 'Y' there is an option to 'place' smaller items for a small cost around the world such as a Map, Ammobox, Safe, Camp, FOB and more.


Main article: Building

In your main menu under 'Y' there is also an option to 'build' useful buildings such as a House, Warehouse, Barracks, Workshop and more!

Interacting with people and objects

Main article: ACE Interactions

Overthrow requires the ACE3 add-on for Arma 3. It allows for more realistic and complex interactions including healing, repairs, moving objects, and more.


Main article: Businesses

Businesses can be purchased around the map and used to create items like Wood and Steel which can be exported for money or used at the Factory


Main article: Factory

Just about any item or vehicle can be produced at the Factory once the resistance has "acquired" it. You will need to move the necessary resources from their source into a container close to the factory. Trucking or sling-loading are good options.