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ACE3 is a mod that adds realism-oriented features to Arma 3, and thus changes some familiar mechanics within the game. ACE has a huge number of very advanced features that are well beyond the scope of this wiki.

This article explains the ACE configuration and customisations made within the Overthrow mod. It is written as a supplement to the existing ACE3 Wiki page.

General stuff

To perform interactions on _yourself_, hold down the Ctrl+ left Windows keys, and use the mouse to point at the different options. Releasing the keys will perform the selected action.

To perform interactions on _others or objects_, hold down the left Windows key only, and use the mouse to point at the various interaction icons.

Press Esc in-game and look for the "ACE Options" menu at the top left to review the default keybinds and client settings.

Talking to NPCs/Shopkeepers

Interactions with civilian NPCs, including shopkeepers are now handled through ACE. Hold down the ACE interact key and look for the interaction icon (white dot) on the NPC's head. NB: Civilians may not speak to you if you are holding a weapon! Keep them out of sight in your backpack / vehicle.


  • Use ACE Interact on another person to join their group
  • Use ACE self-interact to promote yourself to leader of / leave your current group, or set a colour (handy when using Shacktac GUI).


  • Overthrow has the ACE Medical system configured in basic mode. All players are given ACE medic roles, which speeds up actions and enables you to use all equipment.
  • In basic mode, the only medic items that are used are: bandages, morphine, epinephrine, and blood. (You may find other items e.g. saline, but they will have no effect).

How to medic:

  1. Use the ACE interact key when looking at the patient, or the self interact key (default: CTRL+WinKey)
  2. You will notice that various body parts will be either white (good); yellow (owie); or red (very owie).
  3. As you mouse over each one you will have options to apply various treatments. Note that medic actions use the patient's supplies up first before dipping into yours.
  4. Follow the ACE3 First Aid Flowchart to medic like Hawkeye
  • Morphine and epinephrine are administered to arms and legs only (no pulp fiction RP please)
  • You can load unconscious comrades into vehicles to get them to safety using the load patient option near a vehicle. You may need to carry (faster, cant shoot) or drag (slower, can still shoot) them there first.
  • **Pro-tip**: If you don't have epinephrine, but a fully equipped cas-evac is on it's way, you can give CPR instead (which will add extra seconds to the revive-timer). Just do CPR constantly until help arrives.

Field Repairs

  • Overthrow has the ACE repair system configured in basic mode. All players are given ACE engineer / repair roles, which speeds up actions and enables you to use all equipment. All you need is a toolkit!
  • With your trusty toolkit in your backpack, you simply walk up to the vehicle and use your ACE interact key on the various parts. You may need to approach the vehicle from different angles to get to all the damaged sections.
  • Broken wheels can be swapped out for fresh ones, if you have them. Place a spare wheel on the ground near the vehicle, and ACE interact on the damaged wheel. (See below section on [Manipulating Objects])
  • Once a vehicle has exploded, it cannot be repaired.
  • **Pro-tip**: Building a Workshop at your FOB or a service truck close by will allow you to fully repair vehicles in one go (no replacement parts needed; you need a toolkit in your backpack still).


How to refuel things:

  • Refuelling with a fuel truck is a bit trickier in ACE than in basic Arma.
  1. Park your fuel truck next to the vehicle to be refuelled; or park your vehicle next the to fuel pump.
  2. Use ACE interact on the truck/pump to "disconnect the fuel nozzle" and then walk it to the other vehicle, using ACE interact on it to "connect fuel nozzle".
  3. You then need to use ACE interact again to commence refuelling.
  4. Disconnect and put away the fuel nozzle, doing the above steps in reverse

Halp my fuel truck's fuel-cargo is empty, how do I refill it?

ACE is currently limited in that you cannot simply refuel a fuel truck at a fuel station - it requires a special script. A workaround for admins is to run this code locally whilst sitting in the truck: [this, 428] call ace_refuel_fnc_setFuel;


  • You can re-arm vehicles such as M-ATVs, MRAPs etc using an Ammo Truck. Park the vehicle near the ammo truck and use ACE interaction on the truck
  • You can also pass magazines to any players or AI units (in your squad or not), use ACE interaction on the individual in question

Manipulating objects

  • ACE adds a "cargo" to each vehicle that is independent of its inventory, where you can store spare wheels, static weapons, crates, and other objects. Use ACE-interact -> load on objects placed next to the vehicle.
  • You can also move human lift-able objects around, including the objects mentioned above. You can use this to re-position items (e.g. that pesky map) within your home, set-up static weapons in just the right spot, and carry things to your loot-truck for loading. Use ACE-interact -> carry / drag on the object to manipulate it.
  • You can use ACE self-interact to attach chemlights or IR strobes to yourself to make it easier for your squad-mates to see you at night / not drop bombs on you.
  • **Pro-tip**: You can load static MGs or Mortars into cargo directly without needing to dismantle them.


  • Titans: Read this (**Pro-tip**: beware the backblast!)
  • Grenades: Press Shift-G / Watch this
  • Explosives: Watch this
  • Static weapons and ranging: (press TAB to auto-set the correct range/elevation to what is in your crosshairs. Works with vehicle-mounted weapons too!
  • Sniper scopes and range cards: Use a range-finder and a range card item to correctly sight in your weapon (PgUp/Dn keys). It makes sniping a real challenge!

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