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A dynamic single-player/co-op revolution campaign mod for ARMA 3.

How To Overthrow

Other Stuff

  • Support - How to get support/report bugs
  • Development - Information on developing for or extending Overthrow
  • Streamers - Links to streamers (twitch, youtube etc) online that play Overthrow

Known Issues

The following issues are known and will be fixed asap.

  • You must be running latest version of ARMA, always, we update our scripts to use the latest changes. If you are not, multiple problems will occur.
  • NATO sometimes spawns inside rocks
  • If you build during the day after using NVGs the screen will be white. Simply put on a pair of NVGs and switch them off
  • Running a lot of mods can slow down certain areas of the UI (ie import) as well as cause issues on loading of persistent save. If your "load persistent save" doesnt seem to work and you are running mods that a lot of weapons etc, just wait a minute or so before hitting the "load" button.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I do <Overthrow function>?

In Overthrow, everything is done via the Y menu (hint: press Y). It is context sensitive, so depending on whether you are facing a building, in a vehicle, have an AI selected, etc etc - you will get a different array of options. Try it out! Here are some possibilities.

Some functions (such as communicating with NPCs) have been integrated with ACE Interactions.

I am stuck on the beach after hitting 'new game' or 'load persistent save'

You most likely have a lot of mods running. Try waiting a little while (like 30 seconds) before hitting the button. If you still experience issues, submit a .rpt file to discord #support channel (see Support for instructions)

Where is the persistent save file?

In your arma 3 profile directory (in windows C:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3) it is a file ending with .vars.arma3profile

How do I take towns/objectives/radio towers?

Generally remove all military/gendarme personnel and wait a short while. See Stability and QRF for more information.

What does the difficulty change?

Everything from prices to NATO resources. The only simple answer to this question is "the difficulty".

What are the suitcases on the map?

Various plantations etc that can be purchased. See Businesses for more information.

What are the flags on the map?

Representatives of factions that will sell you gear and blueprints for their vehicles to use in the Factory.

Which vehicle has the largest inventory capacity?

Any "truck" type of vehicle can be over-filled using Loot and transfer functions, much like an Ammobox. This includes Zamak, Boxer etc.

Why did X spawn in Y location?

Unlike most other Arma missions, Overthrow is 100% dynamic. Spawn locations are selected according to many factors and sometimes this could mean they spawn very close or very far from you. We are constantly improving the spawn system to increase immersion.

Can I buy boats/catch a ferry to other islands?

Yes. Look for piers in coastal towns, some of them will have a boat dealer that can also ferry you for a small cost.

Can I buy Tanks/MRAPs/any vehicles that have weapons?

No. But you can manufacture them in the Factory.

How do I sell weapons?

You can only sell weapons by exporting them at a port you control. See Import and Export for more information.

Can I sell vehicles?

No, but you can salvage them with a toolkit! (Hint: Press Y when looking at one)

Can I remove ACE as a requirement?

Im sorry but no. Overthrow is designed around the ACE experience and is integrated tightly. However ACE does have very good configuration and you can usually change it to suit your needs. See their website for more information.

What mods does it support?

Currently, only ACE and CBA are officially supported. Advanced towing is built into Overthrow. Support contains a list of mods that are known to cause issues. Please check before asking for help, and add to the list if you can!

Can I just use ARMA saves and not Overthrow persistent saves?

No, it will break everything.

Need more help?

Join our public discord channel!